Andrew Schorr A medical journalist for three decades, and the founder of health information website Patient Power, he wrote a book, “The Web-Savvy Patient” to help others navigate the literally millions of pages of online health information so they can sort the truly helpful from the hype.

In his book, he shares his professional insight, his personal experience and powerful true stories of patients to shed light on how the Internet, when used wisely, can help save a person’s life.

Web Savvy PatientA New York Times article by Jane E. Brody describes the essence of the book that Schorr and his co-author wrote, “It is just such a no-nonsense guide that he and Ms. Thomas have provided. In it, they discuss the kinds of useful information that can be gleaned online, at no cost, by anyone with a serious medical condition, and they describe the hallmarks of bogus advice and commercially sponsored information that may or may not be helpful.”