June 15, 2013

The words – I’ll take care of you – must have been a relief to the woman, who was failing in her later years and began falling and worrying what would become of her.  Because she was old and frail and basically alone, she gave away her house to the owner of an assisted living facility.

Now the owner of that facility, Maria Barbu, has been charged with theft, fraud and forgery. Phoenix police say Barbu took Pauline Balseiro’s home, her antique furniture, her jewelry, her fur coats.

She’s also accused of forging checks on the elder lady’s accounts…

Although the perpetrator was charged with theft, fraud and forgery; This article, whose title and excerpt are featured above and that originally appeared on AZ Central, is an extremely important piece that The RightCare Foundation feels is a prime example of what continues to feed our energy and keeps our passion alive on improving the quality of senior care in our community. view full article

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