NBC Sportscaster Bruce Cooper Cheated Death Thanks to CPR | AED

Coop video snapshotThe behind-the-scenes look at how Phoenix paramedics and friend, Tina Johnson, saved popular KPNX-TV Channel 12 sportscaster Bruce Cooper’s life.

When seconds counted, there is a huge team effort put forth to save the life of a heart attack victim – and the famous broadcaster – affectionately known as ‘Coop’ was no exception.

Tina Johnson, Cooper’s daughter’s realtor, began performing CPR after he fainted moving boxes. Just moments earlier he had complained about pain in his lower back. From the time paramedics arrived at the scene to him entering the hospital Cooper had coded or “flat-lined” not once, but twice.

Coops life“I find life a lot more precious. I’m really glad that I can stay around a little while longer that I can be with my wife and daughter,” Cooper told Brad Cesmat on ‘Big Guy on Sports.  “As you know there was a period not long ago that we lost our son [former Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, who died in a high-profile boating accident in Florida in 2009].  Just having our family together is really important.”

The station ran a special at the end of the story encouraging CPR training through the American Red Cross and even offered a 15% discount off of classes. This is another story emphasizing the importance of CPR | AED training and equipment and underscores the RightCare Mission to help save lives.

Watch the video on “Saving Coop’s Life” on azcentral.com.