Every Second Counts.

RightCare is dedicated to saving lives and honoring wishes.

Our mission

Save lives and inspire best practice.

Our vision

A world responsible, accountable and engaged in heath equity.

Saving Lives & Honoring Wishes

  • RightCare exists to ensure that individuals in the care of health professionals receive the highest quality care possible.
  • RightCare believes in a world that is accountable, responsible and obligated to provide the highest quality care for those in need.
  • RightCare advocates for continuous quality improvement and best-practice care.

 Enhancing Senior Care

Listen to Steve Wagner, Founder & Board Member of RightCare Foundation, and Senior Care Authority™ discuss the importance of enhancing senior care with respect to resuscitation.

Senior Care Authority™  is a no cost service for families and offers families personalized assistance and guidance through the numerous long-term options.

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