Melissa PachecoThe recent headline, “Woman arrested for abuse of nearly 70 vulnerable adults,” explained the facts surrounding the closing of three long-term care facilities in Phoenix, but this article shows the extent of the abuse the residents had to endure.

While disturbing, the story is actually a victory for ensuring Right Care in our community and the underlying story is just as important.

Phoenix Departments Unite to Improve Care and Patients Lives

Though each city department operates under its own management, City of Phoenix Fire, Police and Neighborhood Services department personnel worked collectively to help bring the abuse to light and see that charges were filed and victims were relocated – resulting in dramatically improved conditions for 70+ assisted living care consumers.

This kind of “grass roots” first responder community involvement embodies The RightCare mission.  We applaud The City of Phoenix for ensuring continuous quality improvement regarding care for its citizens.

As we look for other examples of right care in local communities, please let us know your thoughts!