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RightCare strives to provide you tools that will empower, educate and facilitate the best possible care for you or your loved ones.

RightCare Accredited Facilities

Search our new RightCare Immediate Resuscitation Accreditation (IRA) database to find Senior Care Facilities and Group Homes near you that have committed to best practice care by obtaining our accreditation. This new database will grow over time. If you are considering a facility that is not accredited ask them why not? Direct them to our accreditation program and let them know that you are looking for this level of care. With public pressure facilities will change their policies, lives will be saved and wishes honored!

Helpful Documents

Below are core documents that will assist you in furthering your understanding of what quality care should look like and what questions you can ask to ensure you will receive it.

We welcome your suggestions on what tools or information would be useful.


Other Valuable Resources

  • The Aging Boomers podcast was developed by Frank Samson, founder of Senior Care Authority. The show features experts in various areas relative to the issues boomers and their families are faced with on an everyday basis.  Access & listen to podcasts here: Aging Boomers RSS Feed (Podcast Interviews)

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