May 28th, 2019

Our Senate Bill 1352 passed and is waiting for Governor Ducey to sign! Thanks to everyone who helped keep this Bill moving. With this Law, we will keep saving lives and honoring wishes in Arizona!

Read SB 1352 – Introduced by Senator Carter

RightCare Foundation, The AZ Hospital and Healthcare Assoc. and many other organizations were in support of SB1352. It is legislation that will improve effectiveness of health care directives Arizonans can use to ensure their healthcare wishes are honored at the end of life. This bill will make Healthcare Directives in the state registry accessible to EMS and all healthcare providers. 

Facts About Senate Bill 1352 Health Care Directives Registry; Transfer

What’s the problem?

In 2004, the legislature created a framework for a statewide health care directive registry. The current system, however, limits medical providers’ efficient access to the registry and hinders providers’ ability to follow an individual’s directions for their health care.

What’s the solution?

SB 1352 improves the effectiveness of the Arizona Health Care Directives Registry by transferring it from the Secretary of State to a Qualifying Health Information Exchange that is approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Does this really affect me?

Health Care Directives are legal documents that capture a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment or identify an individual who has the legal authority to make medical decisions on a person’s behalf.

Who supports SB1352?

Lots of people including legislators. All 30 Senators voted for it in the Senate and all nine committee members voted from it in the House Health & Human Services Committee. Additionally, the following organizations support it:
AARP ● Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter ● Arizona Ambulance Association ● Arizona Alliance For Community Health Centers ● Arizona Association of Health Plans ● AZ Chapter American College of Emergency Physicians ● AZ Council Of Human Service Providers ● Arizona Health Care Association ● Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association ● Arizona Medical Association ● Arizona Nurses Association ● Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association ● Banner Health Arizona ● Donor Network Of Arizona ● Health Current ● Health System Alliance of Arizona ● Right Care Foundation