The Halstead Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization with a mission to assist entities that promote or support educational endeavors within the community.

To that end, we have chosen to support The RightCare Foundation, Inc. as they are committed to providing education and technical training in our community that can save lives and bring about transformational change in the senior living industry. We support the RightCare mission to provide for a “world that is accountable, responsible and obligated to provide the highest quality care for people in need”. We believe that this mission can be achieved by RightCare programs.

Our support will serve to ensure that those in need of emergency care receive the highest quality care possible and will provide for continuous quality improvement and best-practice emergency care.

We look forward to see the community impact of our investment in RightCare programs in 2015. Our expectation is that RightCare will significantly elevate quality of life in senior living by preventing unnecessary emotional and economic duress to family and community.

With thousands of senior facilities in Arizona, and a successful working pilot in Phoenix, RightCare community impact potential is significant. We hope to continue our support of The RightCare Foundation.

RightCare has identified a complex public health issue, analyzed the root cause, developed an innovative solution and continually develops community partnerships with like-minded organizations to further and implement the best practice Immediate Resuscitation Program. We support public/private community partnerships that serve to strengthen and accelerate our common goal of improving emergency senior care in local communities.