Mesa City CouncilmemberAs a current employee of the Phoenix Fire and Medical Service, as well as a Mesa City Councilmember I am keenly aware of the precious moments that elapse during a medical emergency. Unfortunately, there is a segment of our society that suffers from a lack of emergency care in a medical emergency.

As it stands now, many operators in the senior care industry avoid risk management liability by not providing Immediate Resuscitation in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. In fact, resuscitation is rarely performed prior to first responder arrival in acute medical emergencies at senior care facilities.

I believe that the recipients of in-home care, independent-living, assisted-living and skilled-nursing services have the right to Immediate Resuscitation in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

Because of my belief in the need to require Immediate Resuscitation, I am writing to you today to express my support for The RightCare Foundation Immediate Resuscitation Initiative and legislative proposal. This legislative proposal will implement a state-wide requirement of Immediate Resuscitation at senior care facilities.

Thank you for consideration of this important and lifesaving proposal.

Yours in service,
Scott Somers
Mesa City Councilmember District 6