Harvest USA Phoenix, AZ, May – July 2017

AEDRightCare Foundation is an organization founded by first-responders whose goal is to ensure there are adequately trained people and available equipment to prevent brain injury following cardiac arrest or airway obstruction.

Because of long-standing relationships with one of their team, First Pentecostal Church could offer free Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (with American Heart Association certification) and Immediate Resuscitation/Airway Obstruction to it’s members.

In May two trainings took place and 32 members of the congregation were successfully trained to render immediate aid to anyone in distress to prevent brain injury within six minutes of incidence. This insures members will be able to render aid in every sphere they inhabit–work, home, school and public gatherings. Another approach to serving our communities with excellence.

Another Way To Serve Others

Thirty-two members of the First Pentecostal Church congregation were successfully trained by RightCare Foundation to render immediate aid within six minutes of incidence to anyone in distress from cardiac arrest or airway obstruction to prevent injury.