Save the brain!

RightCare is dedicated to an innovative best practice response to cardiac arrest. We advocate for time-critical pre-EMS care and community engagement and equip organizations and individuals with the tools and training necessary to provide evidence-based Immediate Resuscitation. With your personal commitment to save lives, a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival can triple.


Cardiac Arrest kills.

RightCare won’t stop until the survival rate of SCA’s in our community are vastly improved and victims can be assured their end-of-life wishes will be honored!


Is our communities.

RightCare’s outreach includes advocacy, legislative endeavors and evidence-based best practice Immediate Resuscitation training. Help make a difference.


Is now.

Care facilities too often wait for paramedics instead of starting life-saving intervention. Also, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders are rarely provided upon EMS arrival or at all. This must change.


Is you.

RightCare provides the latest Immediate Resuscitation hands-on education on realistic mannequins with the latest technology and real-time performance feedback. You could save a life.

The minutes before first responders arrive are critical.

Immediate resuscitation saves lives.