Michael Graves designed this hospital bedside cabinet

Michael Graves designed this hospital bedside cabinet with rounded edges and handles.

Why is revered American architect Michael Graves frustrated with hospitals and different care facilities?

The answer is described in Madison Park’s article with accompanying video from a recent CNN Health follow-up interview to TedMed, an annual conference focusing on health and medicine.




One example cited in the article:

Throughout his recovery, Graves became frustrated with his hospitals and facilities.

At a rehabilitation center, he wheeled himself into the bathroom one morning. When Graves reached for the sink faucet for hot water, the handle was out of reach.

Toothpaste? Also out of reach. Toothbrush? Out of reach.

So he looked for an outlet for his electric razor. The outlet was near the base of the wall near the floor — also out of his reach from the wheelchair.

The biggest aggravation, he said, was that the rehabilitation center was built for people in wheelchairs.

Graves does a great job through his own personal experiences describing another aspect of RightCare – the right to independence, especially for wheelchair bound patients, through good hospital design.

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