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RightCare – Consumer Questions for Caregivers

This questionnaire was created to provide consumers a tool to help evaluate potential care providers. There are many resources available to assist and evaluate a facilities environment, physical features, needs assessment, residency agreement, costs/finances, services/amenities, individual residence features and social/recreational activities. The majority of our recommendations address specific care needs.

  • In the event of an acute medical emergency, does your facility have a plan for caregivers to provide Immediate Resuscitation prior to arrival of first responders? Does your staff have timely access too patients/residents and an automated external defibrillator (AED) 24 hours a day?
  • How are residents educated about Advance Directives?
  • Does your facility staff doctors, registered nurses, paramedics, nurse practitioners, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, certified nursing assistants and/or caregivers? How many hours per day by discipline? What are the primary differences in the levels of care provided by each discipline?
  • What is your caregiver to patient/resident ratio? Is there a difference at 12 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.?
  • Does your facility provide regular resident/patient welfare checks? If so, by whom? What level of care is provided at this time and what certification does responsible staff have? How often are vital signs checked and how are they documented?
  • What is your 24-hour minimum level of clinical staffing? What factors influence how many clinical staff members are available? Is the staffing level the same during the day, at night and in the very early morning hours?
  • Does your facility provide regular resident and/or patient welfare checks? If so, by whom? level of care and certification does responsible staff have? How often are complete vital sign checks made and documented?
  • What is your policy regarding emergency airway and breathing management?
  • How often are sedentary patients/residents assessed to prevent injury? How is care documented?
  • What are your policies, procedures and 24-hour staffing levels by discipline and technology regarding the safety and well-being of patients/residents in memory units?
  • In the event of a medical emergency requiring a 911 response, what is your procedure regarding providing and making necessary patient care information immediately available to emergency response personnel upon arrival? What is provided – chief complaint, medical history, medications, allergies and Do Not Resuscitate Orders (if appropriate)?
  • Does your staff effectively communicate in English?
  • How do you ensure all staff are clinically current? Can you provide proof of certifications and licenses?
  • What type of skilled-living amenities and personal care assistance do you provide? Do you have an emergency call system for residents?
  • What types of social activities do you provide? How do you engage residents who may be resistant to participate?
  • How are ancillary needs such as occupational therapy or physical therapy managed?
  • Does your facility require background checks for all employees?
  • Does your facility train staff on elder abuse and neglect? How often? What is the process to report suspected abuse/neglect?
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